Adventure Time!

Are you familiar with the dublab podcast? They are your future roots connection, don’t you know?! Well, the URL to that podcast has been in the sidebar of this blog for some time now, but I mention dublab as two artists from there are working together to release the 11th incarnation in the Aim-Records Jukebox Series. Daedelus and Frosty are Adventure Time, and they are just about to drop Jukebox Series number 11 on 7″ vinyl. It contains the tracks We All Agree It’s Grand and on the flip side Our Paws Applause. Give the former a listen mp3 stylee…

Adventure Time – We All Agree It’s Grand
>> download track (YSI) / >> download track (FL)
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This download link will expire on 7th November.

The guys from dublab have coined the term “future roots” to describe their angle on the electronica genre – essentially it is real leftfield electronica with a heavy emphasis on organic sounds, although I’m sure many of you will be familiar with the sounds of Daedelus, anyway. It’s a pretty fresh sounding track and this 7″ wonder will no doubt become a collectors dream (or nightmare, depending on which way you look at it!), as only 500 copies will be pressed – so if you want it, be quick sharp and get on over to the Aim-records website!

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