The Bamboos and Kings Of Leon!

It could be pure coincidence that on the same day that Kings Of Leon decide to release their first single, Crawl, for free on the web from the upcoming new LP, Only By The Night, that I should receive news from those good people at Tru Thoughts telling me that The Bamboos‘ first single from their upcoming LP, Side-Stepper, is in fact a cover of King Of The Rodeo by Kings Of Leon.

Kings Of Leon burst onto the scene in 2003 with their own unique brand of rock, and ever since they’ve had to continually try to reinvent themselves, sometimes to the dismay of fans loyal to the previous sound, but it usually has that ‘grower’ potential and wins people round in the end. It’s only natural for a bands’ sound to gradually progress and develop over time and records, and with Crawl it is plain to hear that they’re continuing on their path of gradual change. Crawl steps slightly away from the raw thrash elements and replaces them with slick, rich undertones. The new LP, Only By The Night, is out 23rd September.

mp3: Kings Of Leon – Crawl

Now, speaking of progression and development, everyone’s favourite Aussie funk outfit, The Bamboos, are back fresh off the Kylie Auldist album and ready to go once more. The new LP, Side-Stepper, is out on Tru Thoughts in October, but the first single is out on 7″ vinyl on 1st September. It’s the aforementioned Kings Of Leon track; King Of The Rodeo. This cover has 60s swing soul written all over it and features the sweet vocals of Australian songstress Megan Washington. This is as funky as you’d expect from The Bamboos, but it has some nice touches too, such as the subtle brass and catchy keys. Plus the drum break is to die for. What we have here is a cover version that is both a credit to the original and fresh enough to excel on its own merits alone. The b-side to this 7″ is a track called Can’t Help Myself featuring UK emcee Ty, a funky hip-hop track with a good energy about it – the pairing of The Bamboos and Ty works even better than you’d probably imagine.

mp3: The Bamboos – King Of The Rodeo featuring Megan Washington