Music and the Internet

I've been regularly using the internet since about 1998, but been listening to music since 1983 (year of my birth!) – cut to present day and I'm sure most will agree that these two things are at the pinnacle of modern culture. You can discover music easily without the internet, and likewise you can explore the internet without any reference to music, but… integrated together, you are given a whole new avenue to explore, this blog itself is testament to that fact. So, how can you use the internet to access and discover music and what are the best ways to go about it? I'll detail the methods and knowledge I have on the subject, and then it would be great if people could fill in some blanks (if present) via the submission of comments on this entry.

Perhaps it would be wise to start with a quick history lesson! So, one of the first instances of music on the internet would have been the ability to purchase music from online stores. This is still a huge practice, and as like other forms of internet shopping, purchasing music online can save you quite a bit of money. Then came along the p2p applications, namely Napster. Napster gave a user the ability to search for a song by song name and then download it (for free) via their p2p software. Essentially you would have been downloading direct from someone else's computer, somewhere else in the world. Sounds great, but it was (is) illegal. It is essentially theft. Other complaints about the idea of a p2p system include; corrupt audio files, poor quality audio files, incomplete files etc… Napster was eventually shut down (due to the legality issues), but others argued that it gave music fans the chance to test music before purchasing it – some statistics even proved (apparently) that p2p programmes like Napster actually helped to increase record sales, presumably due to this try before you buy attitude. Other p2p programmes came on the scene after Napster, but some would eventually be shut down, although others would quickly pop up in their place – internet piracy is just too difficult to police. Currently the only people really being prosecuted for their participation are the ones found to be uploading obscene amounts of music. Different methods of obtaining music for free on the net after p2p came to light, like Bittorrent, a newer technology to share files. However, services like Napster made a revival years later, but under the guise of a "pay to download" system, a big earner from this new method of online music sales is Apple's iTunes store. Although it is worth noting that in an attempt to catch up with iTunes, Napster have changed their pay system so that revenue is gained more through advertising than public sales.

But aside from stealing or buying music, the internet is actually a fantastic tool for music discovery. Websites such as MySpace, and Pandora are great ways to discover new music. MySpace started out as a community for people to make new friends, but has now evolved into much more than that. They offer a service to artists and groups known as MySpace Music. This gives the artist/s an opportunity to share a few tracks with fans and prospective fans and also give details on upcoming gigs and music releases. Naturally this is a fantastic way for unknown/unsigned artists and groups to spread the word of their work, but literally tonnes of established artists are on there too. It seems if you aren't on MySpace Music then you must be stuck in the 90s or something! is a website that compiles charts and statistics based on your listening habits. Firstly you need to register at and then download a small plug-in for whatever programme you listen to music with on your PC. Then as soon as you listen to at least half a track on your PC the info will be recorded on to your user-page. Each week a chart is created for you on your page, detailing which artists and tracks you listened to most in the last week. Also an all time ever chart is regularly updated for you. So to look at it from that perspective I guess it just seems interesting to see what your listening habits are – but… it goes further than that… Based on your listening habits, will find you people that have similar tastes to yourself (neighbours) and will also suggest to you music that you should like, that you haven't heard before, based on what you already have listened to (recommendations). Absolutely priceless.

Lastly; Pandora. Simply type in the name of an artist you like and Pandora will play you similar music that you may not have heard before. This site is just another good way to find new music based on your existing tastes. Their database is growing and becoming more accurate all the time, definitely worth checking out. It's one of those handy sites that instantly gives you the answers you need. All three of the aforementioned websites are an absolute must for discovering new music on the internet. The internet has enabled me to discover so much new music in such a short space of time, and also meet new people that have been able to help educate me in ways that otherwise would never have been possible. Some artists and organisations are quick to dismiss the internet as a pirates haven and general waste of time, but the sooner these people realise what a valuable tool the internet is, the better. I know some already have; sending out newsletters containing links to samples from new albums etc… Essentially it is just modern marketing, and used the right way will only help artists to prosper, not suffer.

I'm sure none of this will be new to a lot of you, but I'd still very much like to hear your comments on the subjects I raised. If any of this was new to you, then great, glad I could show you something new.

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Lily Allen

Lily AllenThe phrase "spread like wildfire" has never been more apt. Lily Allen is a 21 year old singer/songwriter from London. She has very quickly progressed from MySpace favourite to air-wave hogger. The speed at which Lily's fame has grown makes the Arctic Monkeys' rise to fame look like a tortoise running the London marathon. But what if you live under a rock? Who is Lily Allen? Well, I'll tell you…

Lily's music has been described as ska/pop. I first discovered her about a month or so ago when MySpace listed her as a featured artist. This label of ska/pop had me intrigued, so I had to check her out. I'm glad I did. This is the odd thing about Lily's sound, it seems to reach a huge demographic; underground heads dig the ska sounds, head nodding beats, and fresh lyrics, while more mainstream pop fans love it for the catchy pop sounds. Hell, even my Mum likes her! Comparisons have been made with Ms Dynamite and Mike Skinner (of The Streets), but if someone had recommended Lily Allen to me by way of those comparisons, I may not have checked her out – she is more deserving of uniqueness than that.

Lily started out on MySpace, posting up a few songs for anyone to listen to, but before long the internet grapevine had started to work it's magic and things really snowballed, so much so that in December of 2005 she signed a record deal with Regal (a division of Parlophone Records) and as of right now over 250,000 people have viewed her MySpace page and her tracks have been played on there over a million times! Make no mistake though, Lily isn't trying to get ahead of herself, she is surprised as anyone by the speed at which her career is moving.

Another great part of her MySpace page is the blog she regularly updates. It contains very frank thoughts on what she has been up to and what she thinks. In a recent entry she shows clear hurt at some comments certain journalists have written about her. You see, Lily's observational style lyrics detail her surroundings, much in the way that Mike Skinner writes. But… Lily is the daughter of comedian Keith Allen and had quite a middle-class (for want of a better expression) up-bringing in Islington, London. This is where the backlash occurs – in her debut single, LDN (that was released on 24th April), she sings about pimps and crack-whores – the said journalists claim that Lily is trying to show herself as someone raised on the mean streets of London. However, within her blog, Lily is quick to explain that she doesn't try to hide her middle-class upbringing and never intended to show herself as something that she isn't – Lily merely sings about her observations as she travels around London. Fair enough, I think you'll agree. It is just apparent that Lily is very new to fame, and like any human, is feeling the strain of the press, both negative and positive. But this form of honest connection with her fans, via her MySpace blog, is a very unique way for an artist to conduct themself. All too often an artist's life remains shrouded in secrecy, with only tabloids and magazines to show us who they are dating – but then I guess this is where the role of the internet revolution is played, and I think it works well. Obviously only time will tell if Lily remains this open about her new music life, but for now her fans are loving it.

So, what's next? Well, her debut album Alright Still is due out on 17th July and can be pre-ordered on, before that her next single Smile is due out on 10th July. Lily has also been performing on the Yo Yo night at Notting Hill Arts Centre in West London, if you want to go, make sure you get there early, plenty of people were turned away at the first show! All details of her up-coming gigs are on her MySpace page.

I think her album will be a summer smash in the UK – will just be interesting to see which way she goes in the future, pop princess or urban legend? Probably both!

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First post/Podcasts

So, this is the first post of this new blog. If anyone is reading this, thank you, if nobody is reading this… well, I'm as good as talking to myself. Anyway… I figured a good first post would be to talk about what I have discovered to be quite a misconceived internet phenomenon… PODCASTS!

I think they are great. There I said it. Personally I listen to them 90% whilst on my laptop, and perhaps 10% of the time on CD whilst driving. If you've done your homework you'll know that these podcasts were originally devised as a way to listen to radio shows at your own leisure on an iPod.

However, times have changed and so many different things are badged as podcasts these days and there are plenty of methods of listening to them. In hindsight I think the name given to this service has been, in an ignorant cheap mlb jerseys sense, a hindrance. It was only after really getting into listening to them and mentioning it to my friends that I realised where the misconception occurs. It seems that being called podcasts immediately associates them with Apple's iPod quite a large group of people are anti-iPod (or Apple) and as such ignorantly dismiss podcasts as being things only for people that own an iPod.

But… they are a great way to catch new music, talk shows and the such via an RSS feed. If you aren't one for all the technical jargon, just know that through most audio players (iTunes, Winamp, WMP, etc…) you can subscribe to a particular podcast. Once you have subscribed, your media player will regularly check the feed to see if a new episode is available – if one is, your media player will download the new episode and let you know – if there isn't, obviously it wont. Either way your media player will continue to regularly check for updates to the stream. No fuss needed.

There are loads and loads of different podcasts available online, enough to suit anybody's needs. So, anyway, here is a list of the podcasts I am currently subscribed to, along with the URL for each feed. You can use these URLs to add the podcasts to your subscriptions…

If anyone has any questions bout podcasts, feel free to give me a shout, I'll try my hardest to help. Also, if you know of any other decent podcasts that may have sneaked past my eagle internet eye, let me know!

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