Born In The U.K.

As I mentioned just the other day, Badly Drawn Boy has a new album out soon. In fact, the album, Born In The U.K., is out on 16th October. However, and perhaps slightly more interestingly, BDB has released 500 copies of the title track, Born In The U.K., on 7″ vinyl. The Badly Drawn Boy website has been totally revamped in preparation for the new album, and says this with regards to the limited press of the single…

The ambiguous and unofficial release of Damon’s new strictly vinyl-only ‘secret single’ of ‘Born In The UK’ has now been sent to carefully selected stores around the country and will be available for purchase from next week onwards. The unique ‘Fish ‘N Chip’ style packaging will come in 3 different colours and will be printed on 2 separate styles of paper. Each of the exclusive one sided test-pressing singles will be packaged in a unique ‘fold-out’ Badly Drawn Boy newspaper including a Badly Drawn Boy wooden chip fork. Supplies are limited to one portion per customer.

Chances are you wont be one of the lucky ones that gets their hands on a piece of rare vinyl, so you’ll have to settle for the mp3…

Badly Drawn Boy – Born In The U.K.
>> download <<
This download is a sample of the music only and must be deleted from your computer within 24 hours of downloading. This download link will expire on 2nd September.

This track is a bit different to anything he’s done before, mainly evident through the drums on this track. But I like it, and I think it’s a good sort of track to introduce the new album/material. You can also check out the video on youtube. Pretty cool retro mish-mash of the UK from the 60s onwards.

Before the full album is released on 16th October, the first proper single release is on 2nd October – and that track will be Nothing’s Going to Change Your Mind. I’ll leave you now with the full track listing…

1. Born in the U.K.
2. Nothings Going to Change Your Mind
3. The Long Way Round
4. The Way things Used to Be
5. Welcome to the Overground
6. Without a Kiss
7. Time of Times
8. Journey from A to B
9. Degrees of Separation
10. One Last Dance

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