BUG – Mechanical Soul EP

Following up from last year’s two-track release, Cosmic Lab/20 Winks, BUG is back with his Mechanical Soul EP on our very own Jus Like Music Records. The other week we previewed BUG‘s new release, but now it’s actually out and available to buy from Bandcamp, iTunes, Turntable Lab, Amazon and pretty much all other reputable online stores.

The Mechanical Soul EP infuses heavy hip-hop beats with soulful west coast funk stylings. But this is no pastiche. BUG comes correct with his own unique blend of well constructed rhythms and slick instrumentation, playing all the keys and even recording the vocal parts and effects. There’s not really anyone else out there at the moment combining hip-hop, soul, west coast funk and electronic beats quite like this – so, it’s easy to see why a diverse group of peers such as Om Unit, Quest, kidkanevil, Blue Daisy and Miles Bonny count themselves as fans of BUG.


01. Mechanical Soul
02. Loose Threads
03. Journey Through My Mind
04. We Doin It
05. Indigo Children
06. Reach The Clouds