Chill The Folk Out!

It's Saturday, so let's kick back, relax, and get some folking action in the form of The Chapin Sisters. Sick of the daily stress and rigours of nine-to-five life? Tough shit, but the music from the trio that are The Chapin Sisters, might take your mind off such trauma for a while.

This trio, originally from New York but now living in Los Angeles, are; Abigail, Lily, and Jessica – three real-life sisters, that have been together as a band for about 18 months. Here's the trivia though… they all have the same mother, Bonnie Chapin, but Abigail and Lily are daughters of folk singer Tom Chapin, whereas Jessica's father is film director Wes Craven.

They are undoubtedly a folk group, and have drawn comparisons to Cat Power, as well as other famous folky acts. If you visit their MySpace page there are four tracks to listen too, all in a similar folky vein, but one track that really caught my attention was their fantastic cover of the Britney Spears track Toxic. Give it a try here…

The Chapin Sisters – Toxic
>> download <<
This download is a sample of the music only and must be deleted from your computer within 24 hours of downloading. This download link will expire on 1st July.

They are currently working on their first full LP, but you can buy their first EP at CD Baby – seven tracks containing the beautiful voices of The Chapin Sisters, over the ever-pleasant folk melodies they produce. This EP includes the previously mentioned cover of Toxic. Give it a listen.

I'm open to most kinds of music, I mean I know what I don't like, but I don't categorically know for sure everything I do like. I know I like to be surprised by certain genres or artists, more so than disappointed, but that's only natural. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that I was impressed by The Chapin Sisters. It wasn't that I was expecting them to in anyway be bad, but I could have quite easily accepted that I may have been indifferent towards them and their music, but alas, that wasn't to be. They're great and I cant wait till they complete and release their album. As a side note, I hear they are meant to be fantastic live. So if they're ever playing anywhere near you, don't miss it!

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