DMC World DJ Champs

This doesn’t exactly get much press here in Australia, but excuses aside, I forgot bout the DMC World DJ Finals that happened in September… doh. Anyway, I wont bore you with the extensive details – if you have no idea what I am talking about then check out this entry I wrote a while back, should explain all.

Anyway, I’ll cut to the chase; Netik from France won the solo event, he is the World Champ. The Battle For World Supremacy was won by Japan’s DJ Coma and the Team Championships were won by C2C from France. So a good show from the French and not a Brit or Yank to be found anywhere! The official videos from the sets are now up on YouTube for all to see, so check out Netik’s winning set…

Pretty crazy stuff and that’s all now for another year. One of my fav sets from the World Finals is still Australian Dexta (former member of The Avalanches) doing his thing at the Millennium Dome back in 2000. He lost out to DJ Craze (winning for his 3rd and final time) and quite rightly, but Dexta’s set was so fresh and creative, using mad samples from allsorts of old records – don’t think he even used any hip-hop records. Anyway, check it out…

Dexta – 2000 World DMC Set
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I’ve had to use YouSendIt to upload the track, for some reason File Lodge have suspended my account, I’ve sent an email asking why. If anyone knows of a decent file host that gives direct URL links to mp3s, let me know, thanks!

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