EVENT: Submotion Orchestra at The Scala, London

Submotion Orchestra are back in London to dazzle audiences with their unique blend of organic, orchestral sounds and dubbed out, electronic stylings. They will be playing at the illustrious Scala at London’s King’s Cross on 15 March, and thanks to our lovely friends at Soundcrash, we have an exclusive 2-for-1 offer on tickets for this event!

SPECIAL 2-for-1 OFFER: Tickets are ordinarily £14 each, but if you use our special link you’ll get two for that price. You’ll need to be quick though, as Submotion Orchestra shows tend to sell out pretty damn sharpish.

Those who know… know. But, if you’re unfamiliar with Submotion Orchestra, then allow me to give you a quick rundown. A seven-piece band, they burst onto the scene in 2011 to much noise and acclaim. When their track, All Yours, began to do the rounds on the internet, it became instantly apparent that they were a bit special. They had taken the more organic elements of music and spliced them with contemporary, electronic sounds. Specifically, they had taken inspiration from the more subtle parts of dubstep – think less “womp, womp”, and more along the lines of the slow burning bass parts of less ‘blunt’ dubstep. Their debut album (Finest Hour) soon followed on the Exceptional label and they won over the likes of Gilles Peterson along the way.

For more of a taster, you can download the acoustic version of All Yours for free here. And, obviously, you should check out the full album as well! Considering the type of music that these guys play, the best way to experience it is indeed live. So, if you’re in London on 15 March, you should go see them for yourself. Worry not if you aren’t in London, Submotion Orchestra are also playing very shortly in; Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, Brighton and Bristol. For the rest of the world… sit tight, they’ll be coming soon enough!