EXCLUSIVE: Grey Reverend – Walk The Same

Jus Like Music are very pleased to be able to bring you an upfront exclusive from American singer/songwriter Grey Reverend. A recent signing to Jason Swinscoe’s (Cinematic Orchestra) Motion Audio Records label – also home to Lou Rhodes – Grey Reverend‘s new album, Of The Days, is set to drop on 11th July.

A precursor to the album will be the lead single, One By One, available on 9th May, but today we have another track from the album to share with you. The track is called Walk The Same and you can download it for FREE courtesy of Jus Like Music and Motion Audio Records!

We also had an opportunity to grab a few words with Grey Reverend, about music, the creative process and the new album…

Jus Like Music: In your own words, who are you and where are you from?

Grey Reverend: I am L.D. Brown, the sole member of Grey Reverend, and I am from Pennsylvania, U.S.

JLM: How did you come to link up with Jason Swinscoe and the Cinematic Orchestra crew?

GR: I met Jay in Brooklyn in 2006, and I think that we were both in a vulnerable musical growth moment. We just seemed to connect on a lot of ideas about writing and creating music.

JLM: And what would you say it is that drives you to create music?

GR: Relationships, other musicians, boredom, I guess I don’t really know the answer to that.

JLM: So, if you weren’t creating music, what do you think you would be doing instead?

GR: Not creating music.

JLM: Do you have a set method or system when it comes to creating something new, or is the process a bit more random?

GR: I try not to limit myself too much when it comes to creating, so I’ve never come up with a method. I wouldn’t say that it’s random though, as that makes it seem like songs are just flukes or luck or fated etc. I don’t really know where most songs I write come from, to be honest. Sometimes I listen to a song I wrote years ago, and don’t understand why or how I wrote it. Maybe I’m possessed.

JLM: Maybe! With regards to your creative processes, and also the style of music which you make, are there any artists who inspire you specifically or that you have looked to emulate in some way?

GR: When I first began to write songs for guitar and voice I was really into Elliott Smith. I admired his use of metaphor in his lyrics, and the way his chord progressions juxtaposed the despair of his voice and words. I learned a lot from listening to loads of artists. Cynthia Mason was a songwriter who I worked with for years, and she had a wicked ability to write such smart and unique songs, yet they were not above your head and you could still enjoy them. I can’t say I’ve ever tried to intentionally emulate anyone, though you can’t avoid comparisons. Folks need to attach everything to something, it seems.

JLM: How would you, personally, describe your new album?

GR: This album is about as exposed as I can be artistically. It was recorded over a three-day period in my apartment and there are very few tricks to it. By that, I guess I’m saying that it is a collection of ten songs that have nothing to do with each other, save the fact that I wrote them. A lot of people seem to put out records that have heavy production and arrangement on them, and when you break the songs down they’re actually quite similar in structure. I guess it’s a different approach to pragmatism, but it’s quite transparent to my ears and it makes me feel cheated. I felt that it would be more challenging to not recycle anything musically, so that the album could exist in earnest. Oh, and it’s kinda mellow, and depressing at times. Which is cool, right?

JLM: Right. And what do you hope to achieve with your music?

GR: I would hope that the people who listen to it can understand that I am trying to write songs with a very acute sense of sincerity, meaning I would never like to be categorised or used as a subjective artist.

JLM: So, what are your plans for the future then?

GR: To grow old gracefully! To keep writing and learning about music and other people’s music through traveling and general interaction, and to someday release the hundreds of songs I’ve written over the years.

JLM: Well, thank you for your time. In closing, do you have any tips on other music that our readers should check out?

GR: As far as ‘new’ music that I’m hearing these days, I like the direction things are headed in. I’m really into the writng that The Bowerbirds are doing, Grizzly Bear, Sufjan, as well as Bon Iver. All of their members are super talented. I like James Blake’s LP. That being said, I’m a bit out of the loop with contemporary stuff.

Grey Reverend’s single, One By One, is out 9th May and the new album, Of The Days, is out 11th July. Remember where you heard about it first!