Explosions In The Sky – The Rescue EP (FREE!)

The mighty Explosions In The Sky have made their 2005 eight track EP The Rescue available as a free download here on their website. It contains all the passion and power we’ve all come to expect from the guys hailing from Austin, Texas. Originally The Rescue EP was released in October 2005 as part of the TRL Travels In Constants subscription series, and as such has never been available in stores. The only other way to pick up a copy of this EP was to purchase it at some of their live shows. But now, it is available to everyone as a free download, and as we all know… a free download is the best kind of download.

The idea of this EP was to go against the usual Explosions In The Sky method of planning meticulously for extensive periods of time the music they were going to make, but instead record a track a day for eight consecutive days. Hence each track is called Day One or Day Two etc… After the eight days had passed and eight tracks had been recorded, the guys then spent the next week or so mastering and mixing the tracks. The end result was The Rescue EP. Nothing music wise was planned beforehand and it was all pretty much made up on the spot. If anything, the guys attribute the whole event as a huge learning experience for themselves and the whole thing was all recorded in Michael’s house in Austin.

Naturally if you are an Explosions In The Sky or alternative rock fan you will hear this EP for yourself without any further prompts, but to give you an idea of what this EP sounds like, I guess I could only explain via words; passion, emotion, powerful, orchestral, brilliant. If you’ve never heard anything by Explosions In The Sky, then you’ve been missing out – I guess you could say in some aspects they are similar to Sigur Ros, although perhaps keeping a stricter rock path than our Icelandic friends.

At the end of the day it’s that age old appreciation of not complaining about anything that is FREE – but I did find it a very enjoyable EP and pretty damn impressive for eight days’ improvisational work locked up in the house of one of the band members. Naturally it wont be to everyone’s tastes, but I’d still urge everyone to download at least one of the tracks and give it a try.

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