Foreign Beggars – United Colours Of Beggattron

Foreign Beggars - United Colours Of Beggattron

It’s out now! The new album from the UK’s premier hip-hop crew, Foreign Beggars, is now out via their Dented Records label. The album is called United Colours Of Beggattron and it’s a 19 track monster featuring the likes of Noisia, Guilty Simpson, Phat Kat, DJ 2tall and Jehst.

It’s the third full album from Metropolis, Orifice Vulgatron, Dag Nabbit, Shlomo, MC Zani and DJ Nonames – collectively known as; Foreign Beggars. United Colours Of Beggattron exhibits further growth and development of their unique sound. Revered highly by their peers, both in the UK and worldwide, Foreign Beggars have always delivered a style of hip-hop that goes beyond the conventional hip-hop methods – no room for “playing it safe”, their distinctive sound is clearly to be expected. But what’s new?


01. Intro
02. Higher (feat. Audra Nishita)
03. Keep It Comin’ (feat. Jehst, Kyza & Dr Syntax)
04. Break Free (feat. Audra & Kai Nishita)
05. Don’t Dhoow It (feat. King Knut)
06. Hereford Hospital (Skit)
07. Seven Figure Swagger (feat. Dubbledge, Badness & Rednaz)
08. Contact (feat. Noisia)
09. Shake It (feat. Noisia)
10. Get A Bit More
11. Corridors (Skit)
12. Asylum Bound (feat. Ben Sharpa)
13. Big N Black (feat. Phat Kat)
14. Prove It (feat. Guilty Simpson)
15. Some Advice (Skit)
16. No More (feat. Kashmere, Jehst & DJ 2Tall)
17. Keeping The Line Fat (feat. Graziella)
18. No Holds Barred (feat. Devlin, Noisia & DJ 2Tall)
19. Safedrian

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to suggest that people queue at the door to work with Foreign Beggars, and the above tracklisting does indeed prove testament to that fact. The lead single off the album is Contact (b/w Shake It) featuring guest production from DnB act, Noisia – that should give an indication as to how far Foreign Beggars have gone with stretching the boundaries of their sound far beyond simply being hip-hop. Albeit not a straight up DnB track, Contact does contain a distinct edginess and bass heavy angle that clearly expresses Noisia’s influence.

mp3: Foreign Beggars – Shake It feat. Noisia

There’s a fantastic blend of hip-hop, grime, soul and electronica sounds on United Colours Of Beggattron, but what really stands out is the quality of the overall production. This seems to be something that has got better and better with each Foreign Beggars release – plus the great rap skills are ever present, as you’d no doubt imagine. Detroit’s Phat Kat features on the track Big N Black, with his unique slick cypheric technique flowing over a gritty head-nodder of a beat. This then cruises naturally into Prove It featuring fellow Detroit emcee Guilty Simpson – the track is infectious and bass heavy. You’ll be moving to this one, I guarantee.

Keeping The Line Fat features longtime ‘Beggars collaborator (and recent X Factor contestant) Graziella, on guest vocals. The electro influenced bassline and melody pay sweet homage to a classic sound whilst delivering with a contemporary slant. It’s an addictive track with a great atmosphere about it. Other highlights from the album include the industrial sounding No Holds Barred, the ultra-heavy Seven Figure Swagger with the mean flows from Dubbledge, Badness and Rednaz, and also the smooth (yet sharp) Keep It Comin’ with Jehst, Kyza and Dr Syntax.

Essentially, United Colours Of Beggattron represents a new maturity to the sound of Foreign Beggars, and it appears to sound very complete and polished. A criticism of UK hip-hop over the years has been that the production has been a bit weak, and although Foreign Beggars have always represented the better end of this spectrum, it’s now evident more than ever that they are on another level entirely. It’s a truly solid album and I only hope that enough people out there will give it a chance to impress them, because that’s exactly what it will do. The inclusion of appearances by some of UK hip-hop’s elite, as well efforts from quality stateside artists and of course DnB producer Noisia, should help to push boundaries and welcome more people into the world of Foreign Beggars.

Very impressive stuff from Foreign Beggars, get United Colours Of Beggattron checked and soon!

Upcoming Live Dates:

Oct 31 2009 – Leeds Urban Festival @ Beaver Works, Leeds
Nov 05 2009 – Alpha, Dubai
Nov 06 2009 – Conservatoriumplein, Kortrijk
Nov 10 2009 – Tuesday Club, Sheffield
Nov 13 2009 – Thekla, Bristol
Nov 27 2009 – Po Na Na, Norwich
Nov 28 2009 – Student Union, Cardiff
Dec 04 2009 – The Rock House, Derby
Dec 17 2009 – Nonames DJ Set @ Club Renegade, Plovdiv
Dec 18 2009 – Party Centre 4km, Sofia
Dec 19 2009 – Thessaloniki HipHop Festival Block33, Thessaloniki