FREE: Blockhead – The Music Scene (Megamix)

Blockhead - The Music Scene

In anticipation of Blockhead‘s new instrumental hip-hop album The Music Scene, due out via Ninja Tune on 18th Jan, a 30-minute megamix is being given away for free on the Ninja Tune website.

The Music Scene is Blockhead‘s fourth full album and sees further developments with his complex hip-hop story-telling process. Always one to meld organic elements with hip-hop stylings in the most unique of ways, this time the bar is raised even higher. An array of sounds have been combined with such consideration and skill, so as to create complete sounding, nearly orchestral, songs. Every component of each song serves a purpose and plays it’s part perfectly – no unnecessary additions or out of place samples are to be found on this record. An instrumental hip-hop fan’s dream. I’d expect nothing less from Blockhead.


01. It’s Raining Clouds
02. The Music Scene
03. Only Sequences Change
04. Which One Of You Kerks Stole My Arnold Palmer
05. Attack The Doctor
06. The Prettiest Sea Slug
07. The Daily Routine
08. Tricky Turtle
09. Four Walls
10. Pity Party
11. Hell Camp
12. Farewell Spaceman

mp3: Blockhead – Which One Of You Jerks Drank My Arnold Palmer