FREE: Michael Jackson – You Rock My World (BUG Remix)

It seems almost unbelievable to think that Michael Jackson has been gone for over a year now. There’s not really much I can say beyond what others already have, and what I said last year at the time of his passing – but he is missed dearly.

I do understand how to some people it all seems a bit hypocritical now, that people would mourn the loss of an artist who was looked upon by many as a sideshow celebrity for the latter part of his life – but despite what he may have become, and what problems he may have had, he still brought a lot of happiness into this world with his music and will always be a musical legend for the art he created.

Michael Jackson leaves behind a heavy legacy in the music world, one which will probably never be matched. Like Eric Roberson said, no artist can claim to not be influenced by Michael Jackson in some way. Even if not directly, then their influences were probably influenced by Michael Jackson.

I’ll leave you now with a fresh remix by BUG of You Rock My World. The meeting of MJ’s energy and BUG‘s penchant for beats and synths just ‘works’

Michael Jackson – You Rock My World (BUG Remix) by BUGMusic

mp3: Michael Jackson – You Rock My World (BUG Remix)