FREE: Octopus Jones – 8

St.Louis’ Khris P, of the KReam Team, has just dropped a free instrumental/experimental hip-hop album under the alias Octopus Jones. The album is available to download via Bandcamp right now and it’s called 8.

Octopus Jones presents this as a seamless mix of sorts, yet 8 is actually more of a 40-minute jazz-infused trip, with a plethora of electronic elements and the occasional nod to Bob James. The notion of the instrumental hip-hop album is, in itself, nothing new, but this album sets an unassuming (and pleasing) tone almost immediately. Blending slick synths with heavy beats, all the while maintaining a certain understated rhythm and energy, 8 is ‘that’ album for a certain mood. As cryptic as that may sound, I think most will appreciate my sentiment after hearing the first few tracks or so.


01. SidEFX
02. Hiya!
03. The Calm Down
04. Plasma
05. Rider
06. Cups
07. Leaned
08. X Marks The Spot
09. You Learn
10. Ray Charles
11. Inner Child
12. Or Uh…
13. RickJames(cocaine)
14. AirEase
15. Frolicking
16. Aint No Probing…Right?!

8 soothes, sways and bangs. Sometimes it hits hard with brash beats, and at other times its depth is nothing short of sincere. Ultimately it’s just a very pleasing album that manages to convey a particular sentiment in quite a well polished manner. With drum patterns often bordering upon crunk arrangements, what really brings this album together for me is its discipline towards staying at just the right levels. It would be very easy for something like this to break down into a loud mess, but Octopus Jones ensures that all the elements of the tracks stay at their respective stations. Everything in moderation, right? Of course, the real icing on the cake is that this is available to download for absolutely nothing. So, no excuses, get it checked out right now.

mp3: Octopus Jones – Leaned