FREE: Shankles – Gully Foil EP

The long-awaited Gully Foil EP from Shankles is now available from our very own Jus Like Music Records as a FREE download! Sighting a variety of alternative electronic influences – from Four Tet to Clark to Nostalgia 77 to Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble and beyond – the UK’s Shankles weaves a sinister yet uplifting mix of twisted samples and dark breaks. His ability to seamlessly shift from delicate build-ups into claustrophobic crescendos is nothing short of refreshing. S.maharba‘s finishing touches via his mastering of the EP are but the veneer on a fantastic first release from Shankles.

Download the entire EP free from Bandcamp right now.


01. Untitled
02. Gully Foil
03. Arcaden
04. Branches
05. 6, 10, Half The Other
06. After The Rain
07. 6, 10, Half The Other (S.maharba Remix)