FREE: The Story of Phillip D Kick

Some of you might be thinking “who the hell is Phillip D Kick?!”, other than a cheeky play on a famous name. Others will know exactly who Phillip D Kick is – or at least be familiar with his music. In a strange sense it’s almost over before it’s begun; it was an alias belonging to Om Unit, aka Jim Coles. He used the moniker to put out a few batches of footwork edits of classic jungle tracks and gave them away via Soundcloud and Mediafire.

Alas, on the day that his third batch of edits has dropped – including edits of LTJ Bukem, Roni Size & DJ Die and Remarc – he is also calling it quits. But besides some genuinely interesting re-edits of classic tracks, what is most intriguing is the actual story behind the whole project. You can read the whole thing over at Rhythm Incursions, but the concept of using anonymity (not that it is new) to perform a sort of musical social experiment is great – particularly when it culminates in the reveal of a well known producer who goes into detail behind the reasoning; “Phillip D Kick is a small demonstration of how an idea can become something of worth. I hope that you find the story behind it informative and perhaps useful, even if you don’t like the music.”

Phillip D Kick – Ltj Bukem – Horizons (footwork edit) by Phillip D Kick