FREE: Teebs & Jackhigh – The Tropics Remixed

Following the recent release of the Tropics EP by Teebs & Jackhigh, Svetlana Industries present two FREE remixes; one by talented Croatian producer Josip Klobučar and the other by Bulgarian band Auditory Ossicles.

Josip Klobučar has remixed the track Comes To Mind, building on the original atmospherics of the track with his 8bit angle and general glitchy demeanour. He’s done a fine job, especially when you consider that these remixes have not been done in the traditional sense. Ordinarily an artist will be given the ‘stems’ of the original track to re-work, but such was the composition of the originals by Teebs & Jackhigh that the remixers had to work with (or on top of) the final versions.

Auditory Ossicles have remixed Splashed in a pulsating, almost euphoric fashion. In a sense it is quite refreshing to hear a remix of this ilk – the off-kilter time signatures providing a real unique take on the track. Both remixes are fantastic in their own right and pay great homage to the originals – plus, they’re absolutely free via the Svetlana Industries shop!