Juba Dance – Orange Juiced

In 2007 a little known album on the Audio 8 record label crash landed into my Album Of The Year blog post. That album was Orange by Juba Dance. Benjamin Lamar and Polyphonic the Verbose are the duo that make up Juba Dance, and what they create is tough to pinpoint and describe. Essentially speaking it’s a sonic culmination of hip-hop, jazz, blues and probably half dozen more genres and sub-genres too! But what really stands out is just how damn fresh it sounds – the production is tight.

However, out on 23rd September on Audio 8 is Orange Juiced, a selection of remixes and b-sides to whet your appetite for the next full length album. Orange Juiced includes wicked remixes from; Sicker Man, Flesh O.N.E., Tony Trimm and Tom Ivanov. Oh and the LP also includes six previously unreleased tracks, including the fantastic The Porpoise et La Mer, a track with hints of Andre 3000 and a shit load of soul.

mp3: Juba Dance – The Porpoise et La Mer

Juba Dance go beyond your regular hip-hop act. They take the components that have influenced hip-hop over the years, flip them and then give them back. In a strange sense it is highly original – more from the viewpoint that the likes of blues and jazz have been produced from the hip-hop angle and served up as an almighty homage to the very roots of the music. It’s creative, it’s beautiful and it’s just there ready to be fully appreciated in all its glory.

Be sure to catch this 14 track gem when hits those electronic shelves on 23rd September and look out for the new album, Apple, out later in the year – too many people have slept on Juba Dance, and now seems the right time to fix that – get it done!