Jus Like Music iPhone/iPad App

I’ll keep this brief, because we’re not really about the hard-sell or anything, but basically the good guys at Dragontape have created a Jus Like Music app for the iPhone and iPad. It gives you access to exclusive video mixtapes curated by us here at Jus Like Music. The app is like 69p/99c and it will probably enrich your life or something. You can get it on the app store right now.

We will regularly update the app with new mixtapes and will endeavour to keep them as varied as possible. Right now there’s a tape up containing some of our favourite music videoes, plus a couple of tapes featuring music that we have released to date on the Jus Like Music Records label.

So, if purchasing apps for your iPhone or iPad is something that you do, you could do a whole lot worse than buy ours! Did I even mention that it looks absolutely stunning? We can’t take credit for that, that’s the hardwork of the Dragontape crew – but it does look slick as hell.