MAGAZINE: PAPERVAMPIRE Issue 01 feat. Sohrab & Maria Minerva

Those thoroughly inventive and creative people at Bomb Shop have just released the inaugural issue of their new magazine, PAPERVAMPIRE. Issue 01 features articles about experimental music, visual art, photography, society, happenings of interest and modern phenomena including but not limited to hand-dryers, sports almanacs, Greek science funding, popular music of the Chinese diaspora, multivitamins, fighting, utensils, domestic hallucinogenics and trolling.

More specifically, the beautifully handcrafted 48-page magazine (made out of card, paper, cotton and ink) features; Sohrab, Maria Minerva, Hildur Gudnadottir, Sarah Faraday, Si Clark, Tim Steiner, and includes free music from Rough Fields, The DHDFDs, Long Black, Jesse Futerman, God Bows to Math, Ambrosia(@), and Pairs.

You can get your copy from Bomb Shop, and will find more info over at the PAPERVAMPIRE website.