Natural Self – The Art Of Vibration

Natural Self is without a doubt one of my favourite producers. His ability to shape and manipulate the bass elements throughout his creations is unique, he is the percussive demon. A prolific DJ and fine purveyor of genres from hip-hop through to funk, Natural Self is the unsung hero of the independent British music scene. With previous releases on both Breakin’ Bread and Tru Thoughts, Natural Self is back with his second full LP on Tru Thoughts. It’s called The Art Of Vibration, it literally just dropped and is available now!


01. Introduction
02. Welcome To The Ascension
03. The Rising feat. Andreya Triana
04. In The Morning
05. Alright Turn It Up Now
06. Faultlines
07. Breathe Deep feat. Abdominal
08. Ghost In The Machine
09. The Crush
10. The Laws Of Motion
11. Feet Keep Moving
12. Another Land
13. Alexander And Gabriel

The Art Of Vibration is a 13 track monster of a record. It kicks off with a stomping Introduction, firm beats with mean brass stabs, then it is straight into Welcome To Ascension, a dramatic hip-hop track laden with multiple layers of strings. Here we find trademark Natural Self arrangements – exquisitely placed sounds, spliced and presented with finesse and grace. The sound throughout this LP is unique in comparison to the alternative material you might currently find on the shelves. There are beautiful orchestral elements to this music that take it above and beyond what you may ordinarily expect from a funk breaks or hip-hop LP – both strings and brass used perfectly to create such tight and wonderful creations.

This isn’t purely instrumental though. Andreya Triana, who you may recognise from the Flying Lotus track Tea Leaf Dancers, appears on the fantastic track The Rising (out now on 12″) – plus Canadian emcee Abdominal features on the track Breathe Deep, lending an ever impressive and (literally) breathtaking cypher. Oh and don’t forget that Natural Self (real name Nathaniel Pearn) himself lends vocals to a few tracks on the album – a man of many talents indeed!

mp3: Natural Self – Feet Keep Moving

Essentially, The Art Of Vibration is an eclectic blend of hip-hop beats, funk stylings and latin rhythms. What makes this LP standout from the crowd, besides the obvious production qualities, is it’s execution – easy enough to spot the influences, but composed to such a high grade that it feels as one. Plus as I mentioned previously, no-one seems to craft bass in their beats quite like Natural Self. Obviously subjective, but from my point of view there is not much better than well crafted, organic beats – and Natural Self is the organic-bass-break master.

The Art Of Vibration is one of 2008’s winners and I hope it receives the attention and accolades that it duly deserves.

Upcoming Live Dates:

Jul 25 2008 – 10:00A – CARGO, London
Aug 1 2008 – 8:00P – Armenistis, Armenistis
Aug 23 2008 – 10:00P – CULT CLUB, Moscow
Sep 6 2008 – 8:00P – BIG CHILL BAR, London
Sep 11 2008 – 10:00A – SALA APOLO, Barcelona
Oct 4 2008 – 10:00A – JELLY JAZZ, Bristol