The Neil Cowley Trio – Loud… Louder… Stop!

Neil Cowley is a well respected jazz pianist who has been in the game for quite some time, just under various guises and with various groups.  He even appeared on the recent Adele album, 19.  But, fresh off winning last years’ BBC Jazz Award for best album – which was for Displaced – The Neil Cowley Trio are back with their new LP, Loud… Louder… Stop! on Cake.

In the past, comparisons have been drawn to Esbjorn Svensson (R.I.P.) and his trio E.S.T., but Neil Cowley has been quick to move away from such ideas and comparisons so as to not be influenced in any way by E.S.T. themselves. Even to the extent of avoiding their records completely.  I love that ideology that an artist would make such a definite move to ensure that any direct influences are minimal.  Of course, if you hear both, then you can relate to such a comparison – however, The Neil Cowley Trio are very much of their own making, with a distinctive and individual sound.


01. His Nibs
02. Dinosaur Die
03. Scaredy Cat
04. Ginger Sheep
05. Clumsy Couple
06. Captain Backfire
07. Well
08. We Are Here To Make Plastic
09. Synaesthesia Traffic
10. Streets Paved with Half Baguettes Pt 2

I have an admission to make right off the bat: I’m totally in love with this record.  There, I said it.  Between Neil Cowley on piano, Richard Sadler on double bass and Evan Jenkins on drums, NCT have encapsulated such raw emotion and totally pure sonic expression.  This is tremendously cinematic, 55 minutes of some of the most intriguing and deep contemporary jazz you are likely to find.  At times fiercely energetic, but calm and sombre in parts – this LP sustains elegant stanzas, such as you would find in fine cinema – beautifully paced and executed.

mp3: The Neil Cowley Trio – Scaredy Cat

Neil Cowley has this incredible ability to force the piano to sing in ways that would make an opera singer blush.  Straight from the first track, His Nibs, we are introduced to the tense, yet free flowing beauty of their music – each track built perfectly with moments of calm paired with uptempo sections and arrangements.  It all feels so complete and steeped in sincerity.  These are very honest compositions that draw the listener in as if they are sharing a tale or experience.  This LP would make any person, regardless of taste, stop in their tracks, for it is just that impressive and fantastic.

Loud… Louder… Stop! is out now on the Cake label and you can purchase the CD directly from the NCT website, which of course I would strongly advise!  You’re looking at album of the year material right here.

Upcoming Live Dates:

Aug 8 2008 – 8:00P – Brecon Jazz Festival, Brecon
Aug 23 2008 – 8:00P – Fettes Festival, Edinburgh
Aug 24 2008 – 8:00P – Bills Jazz Bar, Edinburgh
Aug 25 2008 – 8:00P – Big City Jazz, Leeds
Sep 7 2008 – 8:00P – Cleethorpes Jazz Festival, Cleethorpes
Sep 26 2008 – 8:00P – Links Hotel, Montrose
Sep 28 2008 – 8:00P – Firestation, Windsor
Oct 1 2008 – 8:00P – Komedia, Brighton
Oct 9 2008 – 8:00P – Leeds College Of Music, Leeds
Oct 10 2008 – 8:00P – Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool
Oct 11 2008 – 8:00P – Turner Sims, Southampton
Oct 27 2008 – 8:00P – Enjoy Jazz, Heidelberg, Germany
Oct 29 2008 – 8:00P – Le Primeurs de Massy, France
Nov 14 2008 – 8:00P – Motives Festival, Belgium
Nov 20 2008 – 8:00P – Corn Exchange, Newbury