Nothing’s Gonna Change Your Mind

The first single from Badly Drawn Boy‘s soon to be released album Born In The U.K. is due out on 9th October. It’s called Nothing’s Gonna Change Your Mind, and it sounds more like the BDB of old than the track Born In The U.K. does. First off, check out this video to the new single…

It’s a cool video and I love the idea that you could control a car by the power of keys! I think most of Badly Drawn Boy’s videos are cool, I even own the DVD that contains them all, what a geek! The release of the album is getting ever nearer, October 16th, and I cant bloody wait. Did you enjoy that video, yet as ever dismay at the audio quality? Well quit your moaning…

Badly Drawn Boy – Nothing’s Gonna Change Your Mind
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I like this track quite a lot. It took a few listens for me to appreciate Born In The U.K., but this one sounded pretty damn good at first go. Badly Drawn Boy is often an acquired taste though, and to be fair it took me a few listens to get into One Plus One Is One, but I’m a massive fan and I cant wait for this album to drop. If any of you pop pickers out there have heard other tracks from the forth-coming album, gimme a shout and let me know what they’re like, cheers.

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