Nu Thoughts

There are more singers, musicians and producers around now than ever before. MySpace is pure testament to this. However, it seems that for every amazing artist, there are 10,000 crap ones (no offence meant, keep practicing!) – so it is a long process of sorting the wheat from the chaff. Still with such numbers it will always be a chore to find the diamonds in the proverbial rough and sadly many great people slip through the net.

That’s the cue for those good people at Tru Thoughts.

The last couple of years have been exceptionally good for Tru Thoughts. A strong stable of artists and some mind blowing releases from the likes of; Quantic, TM Juke, Natural Self, Nostalgia 77, Alice Russell, Jumbonics, The Bamboos, Hot 8 Brass Band, the list really does go on. But they say success breeds success and Tru Thoughts have taken the pen back out of the draw and signed up some fresh blood. You wont be disappointed…

Saravah Soul

Energetic British-Brazilian 6-piece afro-funk group Saravah Soul have recently released their self-titled debut LP on Tru Thoughts and it’s pure dynamite! Saravah Soul have combined traditional and modern Brazilian sounds with an array of cultural selections ingrained within the LP. It’s funky as hell and soulful to boot. This is a deep and passionate record that delivers a real breath of fresh air.

mp3: Saravah Soul – Oil Is Thicker Than Blood

Milez Benjiman

Three funky cyborgs make up Milez Benjiman. Not perhaps since Parliament and Funkadelic have spacemen been mentioned alongside funk, but there is a definite influence present as their debut 12″, Chop That Wood, can testify. Their sound is like a futuristic experiment, splicing the elements of soul, funk, dub and dancefloor beats. The result is an eclectic blend of energetic music, designed to make you move your feet.  Their debut LP, Feel Glorius, is out now.

Kylie Auldist

You no doubt heard the soulful vocal styles of Kylie Auldist on the latest Bamboos album, Rawville, but after a very succesful tour with the aforementioned Aussie funksters, Tru Thoughts signed her up quick sharp. An Aussie herself, Kylie is now on the cusp of her debut release on Tru Thoughts: The Bamboos present Kylie Auldist – I cant wait to hear that one when it drops!


Bristol boys Unforscene have been doing there thing for about ten years now, but they’ve finally arrived on planet Tru. They have wasted no time and you can already grab an EP and full LP from EtchShop. The debut album on Tru Thoughts is called Fingers and Thumbs. It encompasses elements of funk, nu-jazz and broken beat, packaged up under a very cinematic guise. The Bristol influence is evident and their sound will be sure to enthrall many.

If you weren’t already a fan of Tru Thoughts, I should imagine you are now after reading all that. To keep up to date with what the guys are doing, be sure to sign up to to the Tru Thoughts newsletter.