Oscillations Art: Nadia Lavard

In the second part in our series featuring the visual artists who contributed to Jus Like Music & Apple Juice Break present: Oscillations, we are focussing on photographer Nadia Lavard. If you didn’t catch the first part, with Remi/Rough, then you can check it out here. Plus, remember to get your FREE download of Oscillations Part 1 & 2 via the Jus Like Music Records Bandcamp page!

Jus Like Music: Please tell us; who you are, where you are from and what you do?

Nadia Lavard: I am Nadia Lavard, full time student at Roskilde University in Denmark. When I am not studying Humanities, I make sure to capture every moment of my life with my camera, which I then upload to my blog. Whereas the more artistic and commissioned shots are to be found on my online portfolio blog.

JLM: Why do you do it?

NL: When I am old and smelly I want to be able to look back at my life and actually remember it. That is why I tend to capture everything around me. When it comes to photographing people, which is my favourite thing to do, it is more to show them how beautiful they are in their own unique way and how the rest of the world sees them. And because people fascinate me.

JLM: What’s new in your world?

NL: I am just finishing my second semester at university to go to Iceland for five weeks to work with my photography. I am meeting up with different creative talents and like-minded people, and I hope for some busy weeks full of photography. If anyone out there is interested in hooking up in Iceland, feel free to contact me at nadialavard AT gmail.com.

JLM: What do you hope to achieve with your art?

NL: It may come off as a bit self-righteous, but all I really want is to just shoot people and make them aware of their own beauty. I am not sure about where I want to go with it, but I do hope that it will take me around the world.

JLM: So what types of music are you into?

NL: This changes on a weekly basis and is really a matter of what mood I am in. But when I have watched a fantastic movie I always get a hold of the soundtrack, which makes me relive the whole movie and all the feelings I had whilst watching it. Most of the time this is also what inspires me when I am shooting.

JLM: Lastly, can you tell us about the track you’ve chosen to include with this article?

NL: I am dreaming myself back to Paris these days, which makes me listen to a lot of French music, especially Carla Bruni and Camille – whose track I have chosen. I find the French language more poetic than for example English and Danish, which I find very straight forward, and this adds to the whole wonderful (and perhaps made-up) dream I have of Paris. The song, Ta Douleur, makes me want to go out, dance, smile, laugh, have fun and of course take pictures.

mp3: Camille – Ta Douleur