Oscillations Art: Warren Handley

This is the fifth part in our series featuring the visual artists who contributed to Jus Like Music & Apple Juice Break present: Oscillations, and it’s with Warren Handley, a multi-faceted visual artist based in Australia. Don’t forget to go back and check the first four parts with Remi/Rough, Nadia Lavard, Magda Kaggwa and Joe Baker, respectively. Plus, remember to get your FREE download of Oscillations Part 1 & 2 via the Jus Like Music Records Bandcamp page!

Jus Like Music: For the benefit of the readers; who are you, where are you from and what do you do?

Warren Handley: My name is Warren Handley, and as you may be able to tell from the name, I am related to – and the younger brother of – Gavin Handley, aka ‘jeej’ – founder of Jus Like Music. I am originally from the town of Bracknell in Berkshire, UK but have been living in Brisbane, Australia since 2005. Currently completing my studies at Art school in Brisbane, I am an emerging artist who works in a range of visual mediums. However, at the moment digital based tools have dominated recent experimentation.

JLM: So, do tell, why do you do what you do?

WH: Why not, sir?

JLM: Fair point! Then what’s new in your world?

WH: I’m currently involved in a range of creative projects which cover; graphic design, illustration, exhibitions, VJing and public art. My mates, who run Brisbane’s Dank Morass, will be putting on Ras G in a couple months time, which I’m extremely exited about doing visuals for. Me (ATLASt) and my VJing partner in crime Archi Lancaster (Joe Baker) had the pleasure of doing the visuals for Gaslamp Killer a couple months back, which was absolutely mental. Brainfeeder artists always put on the best gigs, with Flying Lotus being the absolute pinnacle. A Brainfeeder tour of Australia sometime in the near future would be amazing. Apart from that, my girlfriend and I recently had the great opportunity of having one of our respective works blown up to about a three metre scale and displayed in the heart of Brisbane’s Central Business District at King George Square. Have a number of exhibitions and projects lined up for the rest of the year, so it should be a busy one.

JLM: You did mention the Brainfeeder guys, but what music are you generally into?

WH: I’m into all sorts of music, however the post-Dilla future beat sound, that can be heard all over the Oscillations compilation, is right up my alley. Growing up, hip-hop and drum and bass dominated my CD Walkman, and I’m still very much into the essence of these genres through the sounds of dubstep and future beat. Two LPs that have recently dropped, and that I can’t get enough of right now, are Alex B’s ‘Moments’ and of course Flying Lotus’ latest masterpiece ‘Cosmograma’. On the dubstep tip things began to get a bit stagnant, however Kryptic Minds‘ latest stuff, out on Swamp81, has been the most refreshing shit I’ve heard in time! Lion Switch, one half of KM, did a show in Brisbane and played some of the best dubstep I’ve ever heard – stripped back, minimal half-step that’s just perfect in all the right places.

JLM: Last, but not least, can you tell me about the track you’ve chosen to include with this article?

WH: The track I’ve chosen for this post is Earth Changes by Jackhigh. It was one of my first introductions into the future beat sound a couple of years ago and one of my favourite tunes of all time. My mate had it on vinyl and would play it every time I was round his place and I never knew what it was called or who it was by. I later found out it was Jackhigh, who also goes under a handful of other aliases, such as Singing statues, 141, Bnjmin and Rewolf. Regardless of aliases, Ben Thomas makes beautiful, cosmic-soaked music, managing to strike a perfect melodic balance between sample-based, instrumental and electronic sounds.

mp3: Jackhigh – Earth Changes

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