Paleo’s Amazing Song Diary

David Andrew Strackany is Paleo, a lo-fi indie folk musician on a mission. He has been performing on the road since Easter of this year and wont stop till Easter next year. But what makes this year long tour so special is the challenge Paleo has set himself; to record a new song every single day of the tour. The project is known as the Song Diary and will result in 365 songs being written, arranged, recorded, and then posted on the internet in 365 days. So far 185 songs have been created and they are all available on the Paleo website for everyone and anyone to download.

Paleo has also set himself some strict rules for the project:

  • The songs must be original, and written over the course of the day they’re credited to.
  • A day’s song must be recorded, mixed, and uploaded to the Internet by sunrise.
  • Every Sunday, he must rewrite the lyrics to the Sunday Prayer, the Diary’s first song.
  • The day Paleo fails to complete a song, the experiment is over.

Being the cynic that I am, my first thoughts were that if somebody was creating so much new material, so frequently, then surely it would be at the cost of quality – but, I’ve listened to a handful of Paleo’s tracks and pretty much loved them all. There’s a real grit to his songs, they are arranged beautifully, and his lyrics really steal the show – a very creative individual. Generally speaking the fans of lo-fi folk will appreciate this the most, but everyone should give them a go, check out his MySpace page for some tasters.

Here’s one of Paleo’s early Song Diary tracks, written, arranged, recorded, and uploaded on 25th April…

Paleo – The Beach Ball of Ages
>> download track
>> hear more @
This download link will expire on 4th November.

All that remains now is for me to make enough space of my wimpy hard disk to handle all 365 tracks – I really do need an external hard disk! Natural time constraints and the aforementioned lack of hard disk space mean that I haven’t exactly been able to listen to all of the tracks currently available from the Song Diary project, so it would be good to hear from fans telling me what their fav Paleo tracks are. Happy listening!

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