PODCAST: Dreader Than Lead

A guest podcast for you today from Micro Matic. Been a bit slack myself of late, mainly due to the fact that I left Australia at the end of November to come to England for five weeks. So in-between that trip and going over to the Canary Islands for a week, I’ve not had much time to dedicate to the blog or podcast. Alas, as I said, today we have a guest podcast and it’s pure dynamite!

Micro Matic took some time out of his busy schedule to put together this 21 track badboy that is just shy of an hour long. It features some Flying Lotus, Hermitude and Jneiro Jarel, as well as finishing strongly on a slick and smooth drum ‘n’ bass tip.

Guest Podcast Tracklisting:

01. Flying Lotus – Another Night On The Roof
02. Flying Lotus – Do Not Stop
03. Hermitude – Gusto’s Theme
04. Dimlite – Hungeryears & Advanced Communication
05. Dr Who Dat? – Braziliant Thought
06. Dorian Concept – Fort Teen
07. Jneiro Jarel – N.A.S.A. feat. Dr Who Dat?
08. Dorian Concept – Two Hour Power
09. Lukid – On_and_On
10. Flying Lotus – Golden Diva
11. Dimlite – .0000…*-+++
12. Hermitude – You Got Soul
13. Flying Lotus – Next Phase Short
14. Rez – Dreamy Hiss
15. The Ballistic Brothers – Come On (Simon Templar Remix)
16. Klute – Property Is Theft
17. D Bridge – Last Straw feat. Steve Spacek
18. Calibre – Mr Right On
19. Will Miles – Lost & Found
20. Mutt – Kush Talk
21. Slugabed – Return Of The Mack