Que Será Será!

…whatever will be will be fantastic cinematic hip-hop from France. That’s what Doris Day meant to say, anyway. However, I am actually talking about Wax Tailor, a hip-hop producer from France. He’s been getting his dues in France since 2004, but is finally breaking through to the States and the rest of the world this year… 2006.

Check out this track Que Sera from Wax Tailor’s debut album Tales of the Forgotten Melodies

Wax Tailor – Que Sera
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This track Que Sera is, in my opinion, just fantastic. Wax Tailor’s music has been described as cinematic-hip-hop, and his arrangements as orchestral. Just listen and you’ll see why. The way in which he uses the old vocal samples reminded me a bit of Frontier Psychiatrist by The Avalanches, but comparisons aside, this is great instrumental hip-hop.

Make sure you check out the Wax Tailor website and also his MySpace page, the latter of which he has somehow cheekily tweaked to have two audio players – which in turn means an extra four tracks for you to check out, you lucky buggers!

I remember not too long ago the subject of French hip-hop coming up on the old FIZIKZ forums (don’t ask me about FIZIKZ, please), a few names were mentioned, but it seemed to be the general consensus that French hip-hop wasn’t all that. I think Wax Tailor is about to turn that thought right on its head.

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