Radius – Neighborhood Suicide

Chicago native Radius recently dropped his debut LP on The Secret Life Of Sound – a label you may remember from my Invisible Superstars feature a while back. The Radius LP is called Neighborhood Suicide and it’s a kick in the tits for all those that think they’ve heard it all before where instrumental hip-hop is concerned. This one’s a keeper.

Neighborhood Suicide is an eleven track journey into the leftfield of the modern beat-maker’s laboratory. It’s a progressive sound with tight production and mean breaks. Throughout the LP you get essences of artists like; Four Tet, Blockhead, Dilla and Premier – but this is most definitely a unique sound. Each track is like an individual, beautifully crafted, futuristic soundscape. Rich in detail and with a story to tell, this LP will hit home hard with the introspective hip-hop listener.


01. Humboldt Park (3241982 Intro)
02. Uptown (Awaken)
03. Logan Square (Rents Due)
04. South Shore (Baahumbug!)
05. Bucktown (Fuck Work)
06. L.S.D. (Interlude)
07. Englewood (Necessary Growth)
08. Hyde Park (I Miss You)
09. Rogers Park (North Pole Bakery)
10. 90/94 (Interlude)
11. South Chicago (The Journey)

Elements of jazz flow throughout, countered blissfully by orchestral sections and finely cut layers and beats. The production quality is wholesome and exquisite. Sonically it’s a busy record, but I always felt more immersed than overwhelmed whilst listening, such is the well accomplished balance Radius has achieved with his creations.

mp3: Radius – Logan Square (Rent’s Due)

You’ll need to buy two copies of this on vinyl cos you will wear the hell out of your first one through repeat plays. Personally I cant wait to drop the stylus on this one – there’s a special something bout hearing a sonically ethereal record on vinyl, takes the aural experience to the next level. I saw a girl the other day with some kitsch bag that had a vinyl record glued to the side of it, sort of made me smile. Sure it is viewed by some as an old fad dragged up from time to time when the fashion suits, but genuinely… modern vinyl collecting is a movement you can only truly appreciate once you start buying vinyl and playing vinyl. You get to learn which records will raise that wry smile at the corner of your mouth when listened to on vinyl, and Neighborhood Suicide is that kind of sweet.