RBMA: Introducing… Dza

We’re back with the fourth installment in our Red Bull Music Academy 2010 candidate interviews, and this time it’s the turn of Russian producer Dza! If you haven’t checked them already, don’t forget to go back and check out the interviews we’ve done so far with Lunice, Kidkanevil and ANGO. But, right now, take a look at what Dza had to say for himself shortly before boarding his flight to London…

Jus Like Music: Who are you and where do you come from?

Dza: Hello, I’m Sasha and I come from Poselok Luchegorsk Primorskogo Kraya Pozharskogo Rayona (Russia). I have green skin, and I can make a cheap DIY card-readers for the Akai MPC2000XL.

JLM: And what exactly do you do?

Dza: Cutting, drumming, mixing. I like to combine soft, ambient melodies with heavy, broken rhythms.

JLM: What drives you to do it?

Dza: I’m influenced by various musical genres, therefore I’m trying to find room to fit all my influences into one musical project. I have not yet solved how I’ll do it, but I’m searching always.

JLM: So, how is the music scene in Russia? Is there much opportunity for more ‘underground’ music?

Dza: The music scene in Moscow is very colourful. Here there is a nice techno scene and a lot of experimental electronic musicians, but… also over a million rock and crappy rap bands. Usually here, what is popular has already ceased to be popular in the US and Europe. So, there’s not a lot of people who are really doing something interesting in the music biz. In Moscow, for example, there is an organisation called Ideal Conversation, and they advance in a new style of disco music. They’re doing nice parties, and even made their own night club. I, with my friends from How2Make, create variations of hip-hop and beat music, and we constantly host huge house-parties at secret venues that are always hot and crazy. It’s always tough being at the beginning of something, but someone’s got to do it!

JLM: So, what’s new in your world?

Dza: I’ve got a new passport with a plastic front page and mustached photo.

JLM: Besides getting a new passport, what have you been working on recently?

Dza: It was a very long process receiving the passport and documents, but this is typical of Russia. Takes a lot of effort and nerves! Plus, it almost didn’t happen! Apart from that, a month ago I’ve moved to a big country house where I live with my family, but my most recent music projects have been collaborations with Herrmutt Lobby and Nongenetic.

JLM: What, would you say, you hope to achieve at RBMA 2010?

Dza: Judging by the pictures on the web, it’s too crazy there! I hope to have a cool time and get acquainted with the guys. In general, I like the idea of RBMA itself, it’s good that we’re all people together who realise it’s such a great thing.

JLM: What music have you been feeling lately?

Dza: In my player I’m listening to space hip-hop from France – James Delleck and his projects (I hope some time that I’ll be able to make some hot tunes with him, ha ha ha!). Crazy stuff from Bretzel Zoo and Herrmutt Lobby, from Belgium. Of course I’m always keeping a playlist of Russian musicians like Laric Surapow, Mujuice and Ol, and some of the legendary bands like Bad Brains, Beastie Boys, Wu, cLOUDDEAD, The Rezidents, Fog, Lustmord, Tool and Михаил Розембаум.

JLM: And finally, what’s the best advice you could give to any emerging artists?

Dza: Make friends! Be kind, dont fight and do not spoil each other’s moods. Then everything will be cool.

mp3: Dza – Hey, Rake