RBMA: Introducing… Kidkanevil

The second in our run of Red Bull Music Academy 2010 interviews (after last week’s with Lunice) is with none other than Kidkanevil. Fresh from releasing his latest album, Basho Basho, we caught up with Kidkanevil to get the lowdown on himself and his upcoming stint at the academy…

Jus Like Music: Humour me, who are you and where do you come from?

Kidkanevil: Kidkanevil, aka Kidyuki. From Tokyorkshire, up north.

JLM: What do you do?

KK: I make beats and sounds, and I draw pictures.

JLM: If you weren’t making beats, or drawing pictures, what do you think you would be doing, can you imagine there being anything else?

KK: Man, I dunno. It’d have to be something creative, writing or film or something. Or some geek shit. Designing computer games maybe. I could get my natural history museum on and study dinosaurs, that’d be dope. I love walking round there with my headphones on feeling like space dust – good times.

JLM: Perhaps a simple question, but, why do you do it?

KK: For the love y’all!

JLM: So, what’s new?

KK: My album, Basho Basho, is out now and I’m putting together a remixed version at the moment. Got some serious talent involved in that, Blue Daisy, Tokimonsta, Illum Sphere, Eliphino, BUG, to name a few. Workin’ on some crazy beats for Foreign Beggars, watch out for that shit, you’ve been warned! Haha. Heavily involved in producing the new Stateless album, that’s all finished and sounding rather special, dropping later this year… I hope! Aside from all that, just getting ideas together for my next solo ting. Think I’ma make a Kidyuki album out of kids’ toys.

JLM: What do you hope to achieve whilst you are at RBMA 2010?

KK: Man, I don’t know really. I hope to be inspired and humbled. I hope to contribute something. I’m not thinking about it too much, I just wanna turn up and get involved!

JLM: Was attending the RBMA something you had been aware of and wanted to do for a while?

KK: Yeah, I applied three times till they let me on! Andreya (Triana), who got on a few years back, is a good friend of mine and was always buggin’ me to keep applying, so props to her. I was gonna keep applying till I was 80 dammit, haha. It’s interesting that I got on when I did though, because I’m way more ready now than I was. They’re very clever those academy people.

JLM: What music have you been feeling lately?

KK: Mostly shit from my friends to be honest. Blue Daisy, Illum Sphere and Eliphino in particular are making music you wouldn’t believe. Laura J Martin is a funny little genius. Andreya Triana’s album is stunning, this will be her year for sure. And my housemate Gill, she plays cello and makes these incredible little soundscape things.

JLM: Last, but not least, what’s the best advice you would give to an emerging artist?

KK: Be brave and be honest with your music and everything else will follow.

mp3: Kidkanevil – Setsuko