RBMA: Introducing… Lunice

As I wrote just the other day, the Red Bull Music Academy 2010 is now under way in London. In the first of a series of introductory interviews, I proudly introduce to you Canadian producer Lunice

Jus Like Music: I know who you are, but for the sake of those who aren’t so familiar; who are you and where do you come from?

Lunice: My name is Lunice – it’s actually just my real name – and I’m from Montreal, Canada!

JLM: And what is it that you do in Montreal?

L: I try to do everything related to hip-hop, plus more!

JLM: Why (would you say) you do it?

L: I do it because hip-hop is one of the cultures where I can fully express myself and feel amazing about it.

JLM: So, what’s new in the world of Lunice?

L: I’m currently working with various choreographers in making a soundtrack piece for this amazing live street-dance show called BLAZE. Other than that, I’m also working on my solo EP entitled “Stacker Upper”, to be released on LuckyMe, though I have no solid release date for it yet! But what I can tell you is that it’ll be full of club bangers!

JLM: What do you hope to achieve at RBMA 2010?

L: I hope to achieve new knowledge and a new creative process where I could approach my music in a different way. In general, what I want to achieve for me is to evolve as an artist and not just a producer or just a DJ. I’m going to take the time to explore every interest I have and the RBMA is the perfect opportunity to apply these “experiments”, as I always try to make my music sound like many different genres in one, while still making it work out.

JLM: As a producer, how would you describe your production style?

L: Well the RBMA is where I’m most likely going to try to really explore and figure out my production style. But to narrow it down into something general, I’d say that it’s mainly rap music ranging from a crossover of golden-age and jazz/rap beats to club bangers and broken beat experimental stuff. I’m also working on a lot of different stuff that is totally different from my style, but that’s not ready to be out in public yet!

JLM: Do you play any instruments yourself?

L: I used to play the piano a lot way back then, but now I just make noise/music with anything that will catch my ear. Though I am intending to work with a lot of instruments in the future, because there’s sounds that I obviously can’t get in the digital realm.

JLM: What music have you been feeling lately?

L: Hmm… I’ve been feeling a lot of different things lately. From John McLaughlin to Ace Hood to Tamba 4 to Junior to even Skinless haha. Just now I was walking back home listening to Ace Hood’s “Get Em” and to Hovatron’s “Goldstar Radiation”. But, if I would have to narrow it down to what I am feeling the most right now, I would say that I’m really digging… Heather B’s “All Glocks Down”. I just can’t get enough of this song!

JLM: Finally, what’s the best piece of advice you would give to an emerging artist?

L: Taking your time is for sure the most basic thing to remember. But also, in my opinion, I find that when people discover your work without hearing it directly from you, it feels so much more rewarding than always “over-hyping” yourself to the masses. Because then, people will just think you’re just like any other regular dude. Other than that, just keep creating and creating and creating and creating…

mp3: Lunice – Let It Ride

  • hader

    that’s a banger. big things to come for this guy.

  • hader

    that's a banger. big things to come for this guy.

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  • http://twitter.com/Carminelitta Marion

    I’m really feeling ‘Let it ride’!!! Thanks for the discovery :)

  • http://twitter.com/Carminelitta Marion

    I'm really feeling 'Let it ride'!!! Thanks for the discovery :)