Red Bull Music Academy Tokyo 2011

The chances are that you have heard of the Red Bull Music Academy. Maybe the name rings a bell? Maybe you know someone who previously participated? Maybe you even saw our coverage from last year’s academy?! But, all you really need to know is this; if you make music, play music, sing, DJ, or just have a vested interest in music, then you need to apply for Red Bull Music Academy – it’s that simple.

The application process for 2011 (which will be hosted in Tokyo, Japan) is now open and will stay open until 4th April. To download the application form go to the RBMA website.

The Academy is an amazing opportunity to learn and create alongside peers, experts and pioneers. A two week period of time jammed full of seminars, sessions, gigs and untold amounts of hours in the studio. For all of the hype and praise surrounding RBMA, it wasn’t until I visited the London edition last year that I truly realised just how amazing it really is. Many describe it as being Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, but… for music! If you’re thinking of applying, stop thinking about it and do it. I’ve heard some people say things like “I’m out of practice, maybe next year” or “I’m not at a good enough stage yet to think about applying” – but these are actually excellent examples of why you should apply. Fill in a form – albeit quite a unique form – get a couple of photos and put together a CD, that’s it. Let some past participants convince you more…

Also, Mixcloud and RBMA Radio have been putting together a series of mixes called Road To Tokyo Sessions – definitely worth checking out. Have a listen to this one by past participant Cardopusher