REVIEW: Big Mister Doom – EP One

Big Mister Doom are a Leeds, England-based electronica duo comprising of Joe Wretham and Ian Scott. They’ve just recently released their debut EP, EP One, and it truly is a thing of electronic beauty. Available as a FREE download right now via Bandcamp, EP One is a three-track release comprising of wonderful cinematic sketches, dark dubbed-out tones, and an eerie blend of electronic and organic sensibilities.


01. Avant
02. Latinum
03. Seven

Soon after hitting ‘play’, it struck me as being the sort of release you’d be likely to hear coming from a label like Ninja Tune. But don’t get me wrong, that’s not to say it’s simply a clone, far from it. Sure, there are elements which will remind you of artists like Amon Tobin, maybe Four Tet and even The Cinematic Orchestra, but really that’s just a huge compliment. Where others have come before and (perhaps even innocently and subconsciously) created something you feel you’ve already heard, Big Mister Doom stand out with this release due to the manner in which they have composed it – it’s genuinely all in the execution. The true beauty in EP One is not necessarily in the individual tracks per se, but rather the sum of its parts – as a three-track, 16-and-a-half minute listening experience, it is extremely immersive and, ultimately, very enjoyable.

Technically the tracks are very well produced. Each is a busy affair, usually comprising of multiple facets containing electronic samples, stringed instruments and of course percussion and more – but, each tells its own story, and in its own fashion. This brings me back, slightly, to the Amon Tobin comparison, particularly with regard to the layering of electronic tracks. Not many can successfully create such drama and emotion from electronic music. This is something usually reserved for the more organic sides of the art, but Big Mister Doom have certainly achieved it here.

EP One is a brief introduction into a fantastic world of exquisite electronic sounds and marvellous production, and for this they should be commended. Big Mister Doom have created beauty from chaos, with no attention to detail spared, and it certainly leaves me eager to hear more.