REVIEW: Terra Grimard – Unconventional Shining

Singer-Songwriter Terra Grimard released her first full length album back in December 2009. She created a contemporary acoustic collection of incredible jazz influenced/pop infused songs, and named it Unconventional Shining.

Unconventional Shining was mixed and mastered by Icelandic producer S. Husky Höskulds, a Grammy Award winner who is known for his work with Tom Waits, Ani Difranco, the Gypsy Kings, Fiona Apple, Yael Naim, and many more. Since his work on her album, Terra Grimard is now part of Groundlift, Husky’s non-exclusive online record label.

Terra grew up in a small and quiet town in British Columbia, Canada where she developed a passion for folk and jazz music so wild, that she decided to study it to a degree level. That takes a lot of commitment, people! She began writing Unconventional Shining whilst in Guatemala after obtaining a BA in Music, Jazz Studies.  Terra now lives in Vancouver, and I think it’s only fitting for Jus Like Music to review a Canadian artist whilst the Winter Olympics are currently taking place right there!

If you enjoy listening to soft, reflective, and fuss-free songs with beautiful vocals, then Terra Grimard is the woman for you. She sings with peaceful conviction about unrequited love, new beginnings, and self-discovery.


01. Shape The Girl
02. The Mountain
03. Running Home
04. Afterthought
05. Meantime
06. Miles
07. New Leaf
08. Unconditional Shining
09. Feet & Stars
10. Another Ground
11. On It Goes

I love a good song, I’m sure you do too, and Terra Grimard is a woman who most definitely enjoys writing and singing them. My personal favourites are as follows, but you should definitely check them out for yourself too; Unconditional Shining – a short and percussive vocally driven ditty on the subject of self-discovery, Miles, because it’s about luuuurrve, yet it’s awkward, self-aware and really sweet.

mp3: Terra Grimard – Miles

Feet & Stars, Running Home, and also Afterthought, a grown up song about persisting in trifling relationships where Terra sings, “You come to me as an afterthought when nothing has fulfilled you… I am the girl that passes, the girl that passes your time… I don’t love you, you are something to me, not someone”, her take on both sides of a passing phase gives the impression of a really sweet tragedy.

Unconventional Shining is available to purchase right now, both digitally and physically, via CD Baby. I’d strongly advise checking this album out – don’t sleep on emerging talent!