What’s not appealing about that name?! It’s actually the name of a Swedish sort of electro punk dancehall group! Quite a blend of genres, I’m sure you’ll agree. These fellas are fine purveyor’s of energy, expelled through the medium of… music. Like many of this year’s “alternative-pop” acts, i.e. Lily Allen, Jamie T, Gotye, the Teddybears are sure to appeal to a wide demographic of listeners.

The Teddybears have been around in their native Sweden since the early 90s, and in their early days were more of a punk rock band. However, they are now on the dawn of their first US album release; Soft Machine. The album is due out in the US 12th September on Big Beat Recordings.

I already explained that the group have quite a blend of genres making up their sound, but to perhaps go in to more detail, I’d say that from the tracks I have heard they always seem to give high priority to basslines and drums – hence that energy I previously mentioned. It is also worth mentioning the myriad of guest vocalists that the album features, such artists as; Iggy Pop, Neneh Cherry, and Annie. I’m also reliably informed that their are remixes on the horizon from Diplo and Spank Rock.

Must sound like a stuck record, but the energy of the music keeps my foot tapping non-stop. I’ve always been very selective with rock acts, not because I’m a mardy bastard, but because I genuinely like some… and then not others. I like Badly Drawn Boy, Razorlight, Kings Of Leon, but then I’m too fussed bout The White Stripes or Arctic Monkeys. I can only liken it to finding out you love something, but never being sure exactly why, like you cant quite put your finger on it. I can clear the haze enough to pin point cliché things like; energy, drums, basslines, but rarely anything more specific than that. And once more I find myself in the same situation with the Teddybears. Still, the most important thing is that I like them. Particularly liking Cobrastyle and also Punk Rocker featuring Iggy Pop…

Teddybears – Punkrocker feat. Iggy Pop
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You can listen to some other tracks on their MySpace page and also their website. Was gonna say don’t forget to nod your head and tap your foot as you listen, but I doubt you’ll have much control over that. It’s a given. I can imagine these guys would be fantastic live, don’t think we’ll have to wait too long to find out either. Anyway, don’t waste your money on The Outsider by that guy pretending to be DJ Shadow, check out Soft Machine by Teddybears instead!

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