Track of the Week

Friday already?! Sorry for the total lack of posts this week, including the heinous crime of missing Sunday’s Unearthing MySpace Gems – promise I wont do it again. Anyway, how about TM Juke‘s new album Forward?! Heard it yet? It’s really good, although it took me two listens to arrive at that blunt conclusion. It’s different from Maps From The Wilderness but maintains the Juke funky style. Alice Russell features on one track again, but this new album also sees guest appearances from a few other artists, including; Kinny, Sophie Faricy, Naim, and Elmore Judd. It’s hard to totally put my finger on this album except to say it’s pretty lounge like, but more in a Mr Scruff approach to lounge – then add some vocalists and typical Juke sounds. It’s definitely one you need to listen to a few times though, then suddenly the penny will drop and you’ll really start to enjoy it. Here’s a taster…

TM Juke – Skin feat. Naim
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Something so nostalgic about that track – it seems simple, yet it is so catchy and addictive. One of the shorter tracks on the album, but a right little gem. This album dropped on Tru Thoughts on 16th October, so is ready for you to go cop right now sucka! Have a great weekend.

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