Track of the Week

Haven't had much chance to listen to new music this week, working up quite a backlog! Damn puppy! So aside from things I've already recommended recently (Gotye, DangerDoom, Broadway Project, Nostalgia 77), there isn't much else – hence, I'm digging in to the old classic vault once more.

This weeks track is from a two-some that I don't think I hear enough about; Ratatat. The track in question is Everest, from the self-titled 2004 album.

Ratatat – Everest
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Ratatat are Evan Mast and Mike Stroud from the Bronx, New York. They have successfully blended elements from rock, electronica, and hip-hop, to create a unique sound. This instrumental track, Everest, is a pretty down-tempo affair, but with dips and peaks all the way through – a real journey. You can also find a couple more tracks to listen to on their MySpace page – so be sure to check them out.

The album Ratatat is still largely available, so make sure you buy it and give it a listen, but the guys are also working on a new album, Classics, that is due for release on my birthday; 15th August!

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