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I've come to the conclusion that the reason I haven't been giving you 'new' tracks as my Track of the Week is because when I discover a new track or artist, I tend to make a separate blog entry about them – then it doesn't feel right making the track of the week a track by an artist I only mentioned a few days previously. God, I'm so damn considerate. Anyway, another classic track for you this week…

Aim – Cold Water Music
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Aim is Andy Turner, a hip-hop/electronica/down-tempo/trip-hop artist that started out signed to Rae & Christian's Grand Central Records. This track Cold Water Music was originally released in 1999 on the LP of the same name. As you will hear, it is a very chilled and laid back track, levelled with many airy samples. To my mind, the track is timeless. Nice methodical beats, catchy bass-line, and spine-chilling vocal samples.

Sadly the record label Grand Central has recently closed down, rumours circulated to suggest that it had something to do with unpaid royalties and therefore a bill that simply couldn't be paid. I know Fingathing last year left GC for Ninja Tune, but Aim actually left GC in 2004 to set up his own independent label, Atic Records. Aim currently has a new LP in the works, named Flight 602, and it should be out some time this summer.

Anyway, other than the Cold Water Music LP from 1999 Aim has also since released Hinterland in 2002 and then Means Of Production in 2003. The latter of which I highly recommend purchasing – some real diamonds on that album, like; Let The Funk Ride, Just Passing Through, and Diggin' Dizzy. To conclude, know this; Cold Water Music is one of the more chilled tracks you're bound to hear from Aim – the rest of his stuff really varies between the genres I listed earlier in this post, but a general trend in the tracks is funkiness.

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