Unearthing MySpace Gems

Sorry for the delay on posting today’s entry, bloody MySpastic has been down for ages, but it is back now and that’s what matters. So, five more pages to share with you all, as is the case every Sunday. Usual rules apply; all of the artists and groups I feature have one thing (at least) in common; all have had less than 10,000 page-views. If you know of any artists on MySpace, with less than that many page-views, that you think I should feature, please let me know. You can either email me to the address at the left, or send me a message and/or friends request (if you are an artist or band) at my personal MySpace page or the >>just like music MySpace page.

Damien Shingletonhttp://www.myspace.com/damienshingleton

Downtempo quality in abundance (that’s not a place, by the way). Damien Shingleton is an Englishman with skills to pay one’s bills. On his MySpace page Damien has expressed concern at previous comparisons to Four Tet, well sorry mate, but I got that vibe too – except… on the newest track on his player; As Is. That track is most definitely his own sound. The acoustic samples work brilliantly with the downtempo beats and angelic vocals. Let me be Frank (that’s not a person, by the way), if you like downtempo electronica, Damien’s music might just make you cream your pants.

Waffle Manhttp://www.myspace.com/potatoplaya

Like potatoes? You’ll love waffles! Waffle Man is an electronica/hip-hop/dub producer from Newcastle, England. Instrumental production in its full glory – Waffle Man combines the genres to create fantastic tracks. His track Bad Wallpaper is a testament to that fact, with it’s sturdy hip-hop beat and electronic samples. Waffle Man’s productions express evidence of hard work and intricacy, deep productions with many layers. Get it checked!

Teflon Childhttp://www.myspace.com/teflonchild

Teflon Child is Dan Porter from Hertfordshire in England. He uses synths and samples to create an ambient electronica sound. Fans of Hybrid, Sasha, and BT will appreciate Dan’s sound – it contains a distinct breakbeat element to it. Dan works with vocalists and musicians to create the Teflon Child music and also perform live shows. The track Something To Find is a good summary of the electro breakbeat with vocals sound that Teflon Child create, real head-nodding stuff.

Low Sparkshttp://www.myspace.com/lowsparks

Low Sparks are an alternative indie act playing out of London and the group consists of; James, Nicholas, Andrew, and Matthew. They have a great energy about them, sort of in the same way bands like The Strokes or The White Stripes do, although make no mistake… Low Sparks definitely have their own sound. She Was Always Cool had me tapping my foot like a mental patient, with its dips and peaks between manic rock to soothing acoustic, a fantastic listening experience. Most people know my inconsistent views on any form of rock and Low Sparks definitely get my seal of approval.


Inga-Lill Aker is a Norwegian vocalist and actually appears on the aforementioned Damien Shingleton track As Is. Inga has a fantastic voice, as you’ll hear for yourself, it really lends itself to funk and soul sounding tunes. Although Inga also shows her diversity with her Emiliana Torrini style vocals on the track labelled Simon Vince on her page. She definitely wouldn’t be out of place with a whole host of well known and world class vocalists, Inga’s definitely something special. You must listen for yourself.

I hope you enjoy those five pages, I know I did! Please DO take the time to explore each of this week’s pages and leave them some feedback – don’t forget to let me know what you think, too!

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