Unearthing MySpace Gems

Today I have a special edition of Unearthing MySpace Gems to share with you. Each of the five artists are from the New York label Palms Out Sounds. But before I get started, here’s a run down of how Unearthing MySpace Gems works; all of the artists and groups I feature have one thing (at least) in common; all have had less than 10,000 page-views. If you know of any artists on MySpace, with less than that many page-views, that you think I should feature, please let me know. You can either email me to the address at the left, or send me a message and/or friends request (if you are an artist or band) at my personal MySpace page or the >>just like music MySpace page.


Hip-hop and trip-hop producer based in New York and seemingly the front-man for the Palms Out Sounds collective. Haldan creates smooth and funky beats, much in the same vein as the older Shadow and RJD2 stuff, although for a more modern comparison think along the lines of Wax Tailor – the track Cleanliness particularly displays those comparisons. Where as tracks like Crab Apples and No Real Stops show off the more trip-hop’ish sounds. It’s a classic modern blend of genres; trip-hop sounds on top of hip-hop’esque beats. A talented individual for sure.

City Producthttp://www.myspace.com/cityproduct

City Product is a hip-hop duo made up of previously mentioned producer Haldan and also emcee/poet Scheme. Their track Get Up beautifully combines Haldan’s thumping beats and Scheme’s clever flowing vocals – a fresh slice of hip-hop. I really do appreciate hip-hop artists trying to create new sounds, or at least trying to step away from the tried and tested methods, and City Product do just that. I also really enjoyed listening to their, almost a bit electro sounding, track; Fresh – once again it’s good to see artists using more experimental sounds. Fans of hip-hop and down-tempo sounds will dig this.

Old Moneyhttp://www.myspace.com/oldmoneynyc

This rap duo features Cadence and also Scheme (of City Product). Their track Go For Mine is easily one of the best tracks I’ve heard this month, and if you know how much music I listen to in an average month… then you’ll know that’s a big compliment! They’ve got flowing rhymes, kicking drums, and even some brass – such a tune. Only the one tune on their page at the moment, but I’m eager to hear more.

Lance Drummondshttp://www.myspace.com/lancedrummonds

Lance Drummonds is a soul singer, and man does he have some soul. His track My Type shows off his fantastic voice in style. This is smooth, but powerful, soulful and energetic – like a classic voice of solid oak, from years gone by, brought up to date and expressed via this talented individual. Again, only really one track to check out on his page, and again… I wanna hear more! Like soul? Love Lance Drummonds.

In Situhttp://www.myspace.com/insituislove

Krista, Joel, Haldan, Dave, and some friends make up In Situ, an indie rock group that’s part of the Palms Out Sounds crew. Just the one track on their MySpace page, No Arms, and it’s great. Krista’s haunting vocals intertwine with the music like a vine round a tree, a very organic sound indeed. This isn’t indie rock as we know it, this is a genuine hybrid as shown by the deep kicking drums and raw guitar sounds. Definitely worth a listen – but it seems the Palms Out lot are just teasing us with this lack of tracks to hear!

As you can probably tell by now, the Palms Out Sounds crew are a bit like Stones Throw where the mish-mash of collaborations is concerned. That’s all cool to me, I think it’s great when a group of talented individuals come together and work on different projects with each other. Anyway, don’t forget to check out the Palms Out Sounds MySpace page, their website, and also their blog. Enjoy!

Useful links:

  • http://palmsout.blogspot.com/ skateboardsdot

    the palms out blog is awesome- i didn’t realize they were musicians as well. as always, great find!

  • http://palmsout.blogspot.com skateboardsdot

    the palms out blog is awesome- i didn’t realize they were musicians as well. as always, great find!

  • http://jeej.wordpress.com/ jeej

    No worries. :-)

  • http://jeej.wordpress.com/ jeej

    No worries. :-)