Unearthing MySpace Gems

Another special edition of Unearthing MySpace Gems for you this week. All of this week’s pages belong to the Stunning Models on Display label out of New York. Just a quick reminder on how this weekly feature works; all have had less than 10,000 page-views. If you know of any artists on MySpace, with less than that many page-views, that you think I should feature, please let me know. You can either email me to the address at the left, or send me a message and/or friends request (if you are an artist or band) at my personal MySpace page or the >>just like music MySpace page.

The Receiverhttp://www.myspace.com/thereceiver

Casey and Jesse Cooper make up this alternative indie rock duo. These fellas make energetic driven rock, slightly reminiscent of the heavier rocky Radiohead stuff. The music is fantastic with its thumping drums and melodic guitar riffs, then the husky vocals over the top finish off the sound nicely. All the tracks on their page are great, but particularly take note of the soundscape that is Corner pt 1.

Will Strattonhttp://www.myspace.com/willstratton

Beautiful indie folk from this 19 year old. If there is one thing as beautiful as Will’s music, then it’s his lyrics. I’m not normally one to take much notice of lyrics, but Will Stratton’s thoughtful and original concepts really strike a chord. The music itself is both light and deep, very soulful and complete in sound. Fans of Nick Drake and other such artists will really appreciate Will’s music. Katydid was a particular favourite of mine. Check it out.

Paul Michelhttp://www.myspace.com/paulmichel

Paul’s indie rock is in a bit of a brit-pop sense, although he is American. Very catchy stuff indeed, and Paul has a fantastic voice. You can hear the passion is Paul’s music and vocals, that much is very evident as you listen to tracks like The Fire Theft – it’s a simple sounding acoustic ditty with Paul’s husky vocal over, and the catchy chorus reminded me of a more indie rock style Jack Johnson track. There’s something very addictive about Paul Michel’s music, definitely give it a listen.

Summer Lawnshttp://www.myspace.com/summerlawns

Summer Lawns are an alternative pop band with a definite sound of The Smiths about them. Tuneful songs with sombre vocals, very melodic and emotional. The track Piano Song is truly great – it has layers of guitar, piano, and a wicked drum pattern, all partnered beautifully by the vocals of singer Jeremy Linzee. These guys sound amazing, and it is bizarre that they’ve not hit the big time just yet, surely only a matter of time.

Beau Elliothttp://www.myspace.com/beauelliott

This is serious head nodding alternative rock from Beau. The track Keep Me Waiting is really catchy, and Beau has a brilliant voice to match the highly energetic music. This is the sort of rock that will appeal to a really wide demographic, something for everyone. Beau actually reminds me slightly of Richard Ashcroft, I dunno, you listen and see if you agree. Either way, this energetic and catchy rock shouldn’t be missed, so go listen to it!

So, there’s your five pages from Stunning Models on Display, make sure you give them all a good listening to, and then give them some feedback if you can.

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