Unearthing MySpace Gems

Yes, another week has passed and now it is time once more to unearth some MySpace gems. Quick run down of the concept once more; all of the artists and groups I feature have one thing (at least) in common; all have had less than 10,000 page-views. If you know of any artists on MySpace, with less than that many page-views, that you think I should feature, please let me know.

Fantastic Mr. Foxhttp://www.myspace.com/fmforigami

FMF is Stephen Gomberg, an alternative hip-hop producer who is part of the Origami Collective – of whom you might remember also include >>just like music favs Grudle Bay Riots. FMF is just 18 years old, but has talent oozing out of his ears. His sound instantly makes me think of the word 'quality', it is very much apparent that FMF will use whatever samples he deems necessary in order to create such fulfilling creations. Comparisons can be drawn to the likes of RJD2 and DJ Shadow, but it seems almost unfair to be labelling him in such a manner. All I can really suggest is that you check out the tracks on his page for yourself. I've been particularly digging Home Again.

James Hunterhttp://www.myspace.com/jameshuntermusic

James Hunter is an old skool rnb singer/song-writer from London, England. His sound is straight from the classic era, however it sounds, in my mind, right in place at the modern day. His track People Gonna Talk exercises the fact that James has a voice as strong as an ox, yet smooth as silk. Don't get me wrong, you either appreciate the late 50's/early 60's rnb sound, or you don't – but I'd urge everyone to give James Hunter's tracks a listen, he might just surprise you! Like Van Morrison said; James is the UK's best kept rnb/soul secret.

Urban Myth Clubhttp://www.myspace.com/urbanmythclub

Electronica artist Dezz and film composer Stephen Barton made up the original duo that is known as Urban Myth Club. Since their initial conception the duo has now turned into more of a collective, working with other artists such as; Ian Sanderson and also Andy Dragazis (of Blue States). Urban Myth Club create superb down-tempo creations, perhaps in the same light as Nitin Sawhney, Portishead and Air. They produce a very cinematic sound, to be expected considering Stephen Barton's background, but be sure to check each of their tracks out on MySpace – including an album sampler. The track So Beautiful is nothing but aptly named – made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end, check it out.

Jazz Addixxhttp://www.myspace.com/jazzaddixx1

MC Mudd, DJ Ragz and DJ Boom are Jazz Addixx – a jazzy hip-hop group from Virginia, USA. Between them they beautifully mould classic jazz samples, hip-hop beats, and fresh lyrics. They epitomise the old skool sound in a fresh skool manner – if I had to suggest perhaps which other known artists that Jazz Addixx sound like, well, I'd maybe mention People Under The Stairs, The Pharcyde, and A Tribe Called Quest – basically they have that laid back jazzy hip-hop sound nailed! If that's the way you like your beats, then definitely check these guys out. I'm particularly feeling Say Jazzy, with it's bossanova samba feel to it.


When I listen to Izzy's music, instantly my mind starts to draw comparisons to the sounds I'm hearing; Radiohead, Elbow, I could list other similar artists – but… regardless of how flattered an unsigned artist would claim to be at such comparisons, I still view it as being slightly offensive. It shouldn't matter how many records you've sold, if you are talented… you are talented – end of story. So, enter Izzy, a singer/song-writer from London, England. Izzy is just fantastic and, as far as I am concerned, could easily share a platform with the so called top artists out there. Izzy has a very strong and harmonic voice, it feels woven into his music as if it was just meant to be. It was hard to pick a favourite track from his page as they are all so good, but marginally Everywhere I Go has the nod currently.

All done! Five very solid pages this week, I really enjoyed them all and I hope you will too. Please take the time to explore each page and leave them some feedback – don't forget to let me know what you think, too!

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