VIDEO: Azealia Banks – 212

The video for 212 by Azealia Banks is back on YouTube! I don’t even care who/what/how/why, just glad it’s back.

Something really addictive about this track, 212, by American emcee and singer Azealia Banks. Take a look at this video, with cheeky cameos from Lunice and Jacques Green, and it’ll become instantly apparent that Azealia Banks has a ridiculous flow. Like RIDICULOUS. This isn’t even a female emcee thing, this is just an emcee thing – she’s on par with anyone else out there at the moment, easily.

If you check out her Soundcloud page make sure you listen (and download if you’re quick enough) to her collaboration with Lunice called Runnin’ – it’s just as heavy, but on more of a straight hip-hop tip compared to the high-energy, and Kid Sister’esque, 212.

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  • Yyc
  • notinthe212

    I managed to grab the 212 video from Vimeo and upload it to MediaFire. Please share!

    • Anonymous

      Nice work.

  • Emilysheppard

    yeah, super choked about the 212 song coming down. I think its bullshit that someone cant see that she changed the track enough to make it her own

    • Boop Pp

      Bullshit. She didn’t change it AT ALL. She sang over it. Nothing more, nothing less. Of the three main verses, one was entirely sang to the tune of the music – as opposed to just straight mcing. And granted, it’s a fantastic version. No doubt. But she gave no credit WHATSOEVER to lazy jay for the beat. I mean nothing. Not a thing. Zero. Infact, in the video she has two other producers dancing around with her. Very misleading. It was the right thing for LazyJay’s people to take it down.

      Her version is great, but giving no credit to the producer of the music is straight up bullshit. I’m OK with releasing it without permission by the way, but without credit is just plain wrong on artistic levels as well as ethics. I hope they put the tune out, but I hope her cut is reduced.

      • Anonymous

        Conversely, I find it hard to believe that there wasn’t more to it. If it was simply a case of a credit being given in the video description, surely him asking for that to happen wouldn’t have been rejected by her.

        I agree in principle that she should have credited him, but I cant help but think he’s been a bit of a dick about it.

        Anyway, the controversy factor has created a ridiculous amount of hype for her, so I doubt she’s too distraught.

        • Ondergetekende

          They did ask to be credited, but when the hype took off, her people cut the guys from Lazy Jay off and she lawyered up (even though that wasn’t necessary at that point). Now she pretends nothing bad happened, and Lazy Jay is now the bad guy.

  • Moh


  • jakz

    He wasn’t being a dick! He made the tune, she just nicked it and sang over it! Pretty shocking that people can just nick other people’s tunes now and credit them as their own.