VIDEO: Captain Planet – Secret Recipe Revealed!

Although I don’t advocate the cooking of records, or even shoes, if this video (directed by Akira Thompson) acts as a reminder to tell people to check out the fantastic Cookin’ Gumbo album by Captain Planet, then I officially approve.

Out now on Bastard Jazz Recordings, Cookin’ Gumbo blends funk, afrobeat and jazz, but in multiple tempos and directions. Some of it is straight up dancefloor, whilst other tracks are more tempered and deep. I definitely recommend checking it out as it’s extremely well produced. Captain Planet might have previously been known to you as a green-haired flying hippy, but it turns out he’s actually a beatmaker from Los Angeles called Charlie Bethel – who knew?!

Anyway, one of my favourite tracks on the album is One For Japan. Give it a listen here:

Captain Planet – One For Japan by bastardjazz