VIDEO: Ifan Dafydd – Treehouse

This is the official video for Treehouse by Ifan Dafydd, lifted from the EP of the same name which is out right now on Push & Run.

I’m sure Mr Ifan Dafydd is sick of hearing the comparisons, but it really does feel like he’s picked up where James Blake stopped to go and have a more drawn out moody sing-song in the charts. Either way, Ifan Dafydd has snatched that baton from James Blake and is so far doing a fantastic job. He is of course very much his own artist, bursting onto the scene last year, he brought us the haunting track, Miranda, then he skewed Emeli Sande‘s track, Daddy, which incidentally is the best Emeli Sande remix I’ve heard to date.

Things have seemingly stepped up a gear with the release of the two track Treehouse EP, containing the track in the above video as well as cinematic, beat-driven To Me. The music video was created by Yoni Lapinn for PinBoard Film, and is a familiar sight to these eyes! Those who know east London will spot some familiar haunts. East London is also the place you’d be most likely to see a panda going to a house party as well.