VIDEO: J*DaVeY – Whatchalookin@ / Kill 4 Fun

This is the double-feature video, produced & directed by , for the tracks Whatchalookin@ and Kill 4 Fun by J*DaVeY.

The two tracks are lifted from ‘s forthcoming new album, New Designer Drug, which as of yet doesn’t have an actual release date. The duo, comprising of Jack Davey and Brook D’Leau, have been wowing crowds from the neo-soul persuasion through to fans of avantgarde pop for a while now, so I think we’re all very much ready for a new album!

It will be interesting to see how far their sound has developed, specially since getting a lot of mainstream publicity through the likes of licensing tracks to TV and 嘉盛外汇 scooping up celebrity fans. Not to mention that they are now signed to Warner. Still, the two tracks from the above video certainly have that trademark J*DaVeY vibe and energy.

  • Pete Marriott

    I’m so proud of Brooke and Brianna for everything they’ve achieved thus far. 🙂