VIDEO: Jonti – Frightened Mice

South African-born, Australia-based, Jonti has created one of the most interesting albums of the year with his release Twirligig – which is out this month on Stones Throw. So, above is a fan-made video for the track Frightened Mice, which Stones Throw have decided to champion. I don’t know what’s more endearing; the song or the video. Either way, I was hypnotised!

Jonti‘s sound is psychedelic, melodic and damn right delightful. For some, I’m sure his album will be considered a ‘grower’, and others will just be on it immediately – I was caught somewhere between the two states, but with each listen I fall more and more in love with it. I don’t wish to sound cynical, but I’m already well braced for a lot of people to sleep on this release. It’s effortless, yet complex, and may whiz across the radar of many. But, seriously, give it your attention. You really wont be sorry.