VIDEO: Machinedrum – Where Did We Go Wrong?

More of a visualisation than a straight up music video, but check out this little beauty Machinedrum created for his own track, Where Did We Go Wrong?, from the fantastic Room(s) album.

To be honest, I’d use any excuse to talk about Machinedrum‘s latest album. It’s out right now on Planet Mu and it’s absolutely fantastic. Easily one of the albums of 2011. Anyone who has followed his work over the last few years (and they’ll even be some who have followed him for about ten years!) will testify to both his skill and his ability to adapt and dabble within different sounds. I almost get the impression that he could turn his craft to pretty much any style or genre and come up with something amazing. Room(s) plays on multiple styles, from hip-hop to juke to garage to future beats to dubstep. It’s drenched in nostalgia, yet it doesn’t feel at all dated or like a pastiche – it sounds genuinely fresh and is extremely well produced.

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